Smart Repairing Services

Is your smartphone or tablet facing any problem? Do contact us about your phone’s model and the problem to get the free quote of a quick repairing service by our experienced technicians.

Phone & Tablet Repair

We have the right tools and techniques for every smartphones and tablets in the market. Our team has gained a positive reputation in the industry as we always provide quality replacement services.

Dr. Gadget Subang Jaya

Get to know about the services that we offer in our store and visit us anytime. We will inspect your phone and maximise the performance according to your needs and requirement.

Android Phone Repair

Android Phone Repair

Get your Android phone’s touchpad and software problems fixed, even if you need to replace the screen or having a speaker issue.

iPhone_iPad Repair

iPhone/ iPad Repair

Bring us your iPhone or iPad and get them fixed quickly by our certified technicians. We replace it with original Apple software or accessories.

Tablet Repair

Tablet Repair

With us, you can optimize your tablet’s performance, screen replacement, volume button fixing, software update, data recovery etc.

New Accessories

New Accessories

Get your earphone and microphone replaced with the newer ones if they have been damaged by water infringement.

Batteru Optimization

Battery Optimization

Get rid of fast discharging, meet our experts for charging port/lightning dock repair and external power resources like power banks. 

LCD Screen Treatment

LCD Screen Treatment

If your LCD screen is no longer responsive or has a minor crack, our technicians would refurbish it or replace it with highly responsive HD LCDs.

Smartphone Repair in Subang Jaya

Million Gadget Empire (also well known as Dr. Gadget Subang Jaya) provides all kinds of smartphone repairing services in the town. Get all your smartphones repaired within quick succession on an affordable budget by certified technicians. Check all our repairing services. 

We provide the most economical and most optimized smartphone and tablet repair services in Subang Jaya. You can always walk in with your smartphone for a quick review and our expert technicians would guide you to the exact problem and they would try to fix it instead of just replacing the screens. They would surely provide you with the best long-lasting component to improve the performance of your smartphone.

Smartphone Repair Subang Jaya

Why We Are The Industry Expert


Walk-in Repair

Walk-in repair service with us gives you a fast and efficient solutions whenever your phone encountered issues. You can come anytime to have a quick repair from our expert technicians. We would always welcome you.


Honest Suggestions

Our experts always give you honest suggestions regarding any smartphone issue, they won’t try to sell their products or services but they always give you the most optimized and cost-effective solutions.


Free Quotation

You can always have a free quotation regarding your smartphones and tablets. Send the latest photos of your smartphones or tablet, then have a free repairing quotation from Dr. Gadget Subang Jaya.

Contact Us Anytime

If you need any help, feel free to contact us to book an appointment by sharing us with your name, query and contact details. We’ll surely get back to you.


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